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We are not a store. We are not an outlet. We are not a franchise. We are not a retailer. We don’t charge you for a fancy building or an elaborate design space showroom. There is no middleman. We are the factory. We are the manufacturer. We have been making real wood case good furniture by the inch for years.  It’s nothing new for us.  People bring us pictures and ideas and we make them a reality. Each piece is made for someone. We don’t make anything until it’s ordered. We engineer each piece to order to the specifications and needs of our clients. It’s all about the product that we make. We are the manufacturer – it’s built by us from start to finish. There’s wood, saw dust, and hard, honest work put into each piece we build. We invest in our manufacturing capabilities and people to create for you what you desire while charging an affordable, reasonable price. We have combined state-of-the art machinery that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with traditional woodworking tools and techniques to bring you furniture that will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Milling and Lumber Selection

We craft each piece from your choice of materials. Versatility and flexibility is at the heart of what we do. Each piece starts with hand selection of the wood for color and straightness, careful to avoid warped, bowed or cracked pieces of lumber. All door panels and solid wood tops are still Pony clamped together and dried overnight. All boards after they have set are planed and sanded before assembly. All boards and lumber are shaped and cut to size using a table saw, bandsaw, shaper or moulder to make doors and mouldings. Solid wood face frames are pocket screwed together using a joinery method recognized for its strength, dating back to the days of the Egyptians. All the sheet panels are cut, drilled, dadoed, rabbetted and routed using a nested-based computer guided CNC Router. It’s safe and much more accurate than measuring by hand. 

English Dovetailed Drawer Boxes

English dovetailed drawer boxes are made and assembled by hand with a mallet and glue.  Dovetails are on all 4 corners of the box not just the front. After the ” drawer bottom is slide into the bottom dado, it is secured to create a drawer that will last a lifetime. 


To ensure quality, accuracy and control over every step of your cabinetry, we make 95% of our doors still. So if something happens along the way, we can make a new door without waiting for a door company. This roots itself in our furnituremaking background and allows us to create 100s of different door styles to meet the needs of our clients. 


Less than a handful of highly-skilled craftsman work in the assembly area. In the assembly area, you’ll find many of the same tools used by furniture and cabinetmakers in the the 1800’s: hammers, mallets, chisels, hand saws and files. The case piece are hand assembled primarly on a bench unless it’s too big to fit on a bench. The carcass is assembled first then the face frames and backs are attached. Crown and base mouldings are mitered and attached to the carcass. 

Doors are hand fitted to each case. Inset doors and drawers are particularly demanding require patience and a skilled eye of a master craftsman. It takes years to become a master cabinetmaker in our shop. This is achieved through years of practice on hundreds of pieces and a sharing of experience. All of our craftsman have worked as a furnituremaker for a minimum of 5 years to over 15 years.  


Each piece is sanded by hand and with an orbital sander to remove all marks and sharp edges. Each piece is check for defects. After assembly on a bench, the piece returns to the sanding area. Any tiny dents, nicks or marks caused by nails or chisels or during the hand assembly are carefully hand puttied, filled, steamed out and/or sanded out. Using finer and finer grit sandpaper, the wood is sanded smooth and ready for a fine finish. All pieces are checked for accuracy, all mouldings and doors are given a final look before they are moved into the finishing area. 


Once a piece has been sanded smooth to the touch, it goes to the finishing area. Each door, case, and part is hand stained then sealed. In between each coating and step, the pieces are hand sanded to create the finish you’ve selected. We use lacquer or water-based products depending on your finish selection and offer not only color matching but high-end distressing, gold leafing, rub back, glazing and marbleizing. Once this labor-intensive process is completed, we move on to final assembly. 

Final Assembly and Shipping

Each piece is then ready for final assembly: doors and drawers are adjusted and hand fitted by an assembler and glass is inserted. Then each piece is given a final check and before being loaded and delivered to you. We pad wrap our pieces using blankets and use special blank wrapped carrier for long hauls or shipments out-of-state – to conserve natural resources since shrink wrap and cardboard are normally thrown away after delivery.


If your job requires installation, our factory installers will deliver and install your project. All of our installers have a woodworking background to ensure a professional and timely installation. 


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